Chatbot your lawyer

LegalGeek is a legaltech conference in Shoreditch London, who’s aim is to bring together lawyers, innovators and technology. Hold on a bit, you might say, aren’t these groups competitors? Yes, in some cases they definitely are, in other cases innovative new technology is used to enhance how lawyers provide service to their clients, not replacing …

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Hvorfor investere i FintechAngels?

Gjennom FintechAngels kan store og små investorer få eksponering mot et knippe utvalgte start-up selskaper. BizBot var del av TheFactory sitt akselleratorprogram våren 2017, og fikk i den anledning 250.000 kroner fra FintechAngels som bidro til å kickstarte hele prosjektet. BizBot har i etterkant hentet 8 millioner kroner i egenkapitalfiansiering. FintechAngels selskapene (I, II, III, …

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What is a convertible note?

Start-ups usually raise capital in several financing rounds before they turn a profit. Most entrepreneurs know that raising money is full time job. Pitching and meeting potential investors whenever they can, it would not be optimal to keep these investors warm until the next stock issue. That’s why convertible notes are a great solution to …

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Board member and investor Trygve Skibeli

After finishing his master at NTNU Trondheim he started his professional career as a systems engineer – and the first stop was IBM Norway and later IBM USA. After 14 years Trygve Skibeli and 3 co-founders set out on a new venture – Intility. The company had success with a new subscription-based business model in …

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A global platform for ownership!

All incorporated companies in the world, needs to verify their captable yearly for tax purposes. If you choose to trade your shares or the company prints new shares to raise money, it will have to be recorded on a historic ledger. These are sound principles that ensures that you as an investor can prove your …

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Our History!

The idea for BizBot came after years of experience with different start-ups. The constant struggle to meet reporting and filing demands, crushing deadlines, code of law not updated to the present digital era and sub-optimal routines, makes running a business quite the challenge. BizBot is to be a platform that helps entrepreneurs with mundane and …

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