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A global platform for ownership!

All incorporated companies in the world, needs to verify their captable yearly for tax purposes. If you choose to trade your shares or the company prints new shares to raise money, it will have to be recorded on a historic ledger. These are sound principles that ensures that you as an investor can prove your ownership, pay the right tax and transact in the marketplace.

For these records to be official, a third party solution needs to verify your identity and the existence of the incorporated company. This ID process may vary in different countries, but the principle about verification stays the same. BizBot identifies all our user that are related to registered companies but also the company it self.

The BizBot platform will use a tier 1 verification process from one of the worlds most renowned providers of digital ID solutions.

As of right now BizBot is on-boarding one of our partners which is a Russian national with a Russian company who owns shares in a Norwegian aksjeselskap. When successful, users from all over the world can use BizBot to track their holdings, set up their captable, trade their share and issue new stock.

Our vision is for you as an investor to have ONE dashboard, where you can see and trade all your holdings, whether it’s a Norwegian or Swedish company, a European SPA, a Russian company, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks or Bonds.

A company will have ONE dashboard to administer their stock holders, board members and reporting.

Who wants to talk to us about a global marketplace through a single service?