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Simplified business administration with a platform for BizApps

Hey developers! Are you looking for a new platform to showcase your skills and build awesome BizApps? Look no further than BizBot! Our platform offers a unique opportunity to create apps and integrations using Mars, a cutting-edge low code tool.

With Mars, you can build powerful, feature-rich BizApps quickly and easily, without needing extensive coding knowledge. This makes it a great tool for developers of all skill levels to create apps that are tailored to the needs of businesses.

And by joining our community, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources and support to help you bring your ideas to life. Our app store and marketplace provide a platform for you to share your creations with businesses around the world, while our developer tools and documentation make it easy to integrate your apps with our platform.

But that’s not all – as part of the BizBot community, you’ll be part of a vibrant network of developers who are passionate about innovation and collaboration. We’re committed to sharing knowledge and supporting one another, with regular events and forums where you can connect with like-minded professionals and learn from industry experts.

And by building apps for BizBot, you’ll have the opportunity to make a real impact on the businesses that use our platform. Your apps and integrations will help businesses save time, increase efficiency, and achieve their goals, making a tangible difference in their operations and success.

So why wait? Join the BizBot community today and start building awesome BizApps that help businesses succeed!

BizBot community:

Mars community:

What is BizBot?

BizBot makes business administration easier, by developing Carta as a platform and marketplace for BizApps in the EU. The same way social media knows you as a person, BizBot wants to know your company and give you the best tools and services. Any 3rd party company can connect to our platform. We connect all stakeholders in the company, so they can save time on paperwork and administration. BizBot’s goal is to be your digital co-founder on your own operating system for your company. We are looking for investors who like our vision and who want to help us grow.

Our platform is ready for the Norwegian market now, but prepared for the global market. We are already working with a big partner and customer, BDO. Take a look at this video:

About 1500 users and almost 400 companies have signed up so far!

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