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Release – Wednesday 27. March 2019

_*BizSearch*_ – new module for public profiles viewer.
– shows data as it is about companies and users from official registries (through country data connector);
– shows data from BizBot for registered entities;
– has links to data sources, date of last update ans special labels to be sure in data source;
– user can claim company or invite somebody else to create it;
– user can invite other users to try BizBot.

_*Norwegian data connector*_:
– company search based on Brreg data;
– users search based on data from Skatettaten;
– public profiles for users and companies (uses data from Brreg, Skatettaten and Bisnode Norge);

_*Admin module*_ inherits most features from deprecated dashboard module, e.g. My Assets, Settings, Claims, Stock Instruments and many others, but:
– contains only features for registered user;
– uses SDK with common navigation and new styles;
– all the flows are now dependent on context (personal/behalf of company).

_*Documents module*_ – new module for managing documents (includes signing module. is DEPRECATED). Here user can:
– upload documents and add different parameters such as tags, name, issue date, description;
– sort it out by tags;
– create templates and generate documents using them;
– sign up documents.

_*Notification module*_:
– new notification layout;
– user can mark notification as read;
– added date of notification;

_*Sell Shares*_ app (ex Transactions App):
– shows transactions depends on chosen context (user/company);
– updated styles;
– implement use of notifications;
– autoselect seller in dropdown;

– use for your assets, administration and settings;
– SDK provides navigation, search, user login/register/verify features;
– use for viewing public profiles.

Release – Wednesday 30. January 2019

*Core release summary*:
– we became international – all our modules are moved to _.com_ domain structure;
_Fixed bugs:_
– white screen error for logged in users;
– “www.” format for website URLs is allowed;
– error on registration when LinkedIn does not return link to profile.

Release – Friday 7. December 2018

*Core release summary:*
_New features:_
– Implemented currency support;
– All emails and notifications are moved to new emailer/notifier service;
– Stock and loans are connected directly to the company;
– Flag to recognize whether transacton was created by SM or not;
– Field for a personal message in invitation modal window;

_Fixed bugs:_
– Wrong search result in searching for holders control;
– Removed validation for phone numbers on Manage Company Flow;
– Changed naming for Quick action buttons, added space on Activate [company name] button
– Robot icon in registration modal window.

Release – Thursday 29. November 2018

*Core release summary*:
_New features:_
– Caiming feature (demo video attached):
• it’s now possible to claim not only shares, but also roles, stocks and loans;
• company owner receives notification and email and can approve or decline the claim;
• on approve the changes applies automatically (created transaction, granted role or created stock/loan);
• then company owner can edit auto applied changes if needed;
– it is possible to claim shares, stocks and loans on behalf of a company;
– user can edit created stocks, loans and last transaction;
– locale is stored on the backend, so user will get emails and enjoy Bizbot in selected language;
– user can add several transactions on the same date;
– shareholders are allowed to sell their own shares;
– get rid of redundant requests to API, so page transactions and generally frontend application is much faster now;
– integration with Notifications module.

_Fixed bugs:_
– “click here” and “invite” buttons moves user to login modal window;
– dropdown layout on transaction batch page;
– “-” was shown in Employee field, Business info section, instead of “0″;
– missed company org. number in business info section;
– logic of tracking LinkedIn in Mixpanel;
– mixed auth cookies on different environments (dev/stage/prod);
– fixed new control. (edited)

Release – Thursday 11. November 2018

*Core release summary*:

_New features:_
– new landing page;
– new control on MCF/transactions/stocks&loans pages. It searches among existing users/companies, and user will be sure who is added;
– better UX for adding shareholder on MCF: now there is only one button “Add shareholder” and then user chooses who it is – person/company;
– quick actions bar was added on the front page and company overview page;
– user could activate his companies by clicking on “Activate /company name/” button;
– all user’s roles/shares/stocks/loans are contained in one table “Your assets and roles”;

_Changes for SM:_
– it is possible not to finalize transactions automatically;
– new endpoint for checking existing users by name and email;

_Fixed bugs:_
– non-disappearing “invalid token” error;
– “Not verified email” modal window doesn’t appear automatically;
– missed third step on “Edit MCF” for international company;
– it was impossible to delete member with “Admin” role from “Company members” table;