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Do you want to help us make a digital business platform?

Are you an entrepreneur/intrapreneur working in the space for business administration or do you have plans to become one? We want to connect! Are you a developer or devhouse? Click here

Our goal is to simplify business administration by making all companies 100% digital. Then you can administrate your company from anywhere.  You can make money by building your own app or we can pay with shares for those who join our team. By connecting all the apps and data we can reach our vision:

Create your own digital co-founder, BizBot, that helps you setup and run your company anywhere in the world!

That is what we are trying to build! We are building a platform where:

  • we can help you set up and run your company
  • a business owner can get a digital co-founder
  • we know your company and can give you the best advice
  • an investor can keep track of their portfolio
  • User always keep their account since it is connected to you and then your companies
  • where employees can keep their contracts and salary statements from all their employers
  • we are creating a new way to work and communicate in work and business life
  • where you and your team can connect an build your app!

Why join:

  • We are working with BDO and they have over 40k customers
  • The platform has an open API and SDK
  • More apps gives more users and better stickiness
  • User onboard with one click and pay with another click
  • You own you app and you can make money it in exchange for a small cut.
  • Reduce time to market and cost by 50-70% with our modules and focus on the code that creates value
    • One login for all
    • Business and personal profiles for users
    • Payment system
    • Template generator
    • Digital signing module
    • Digital captable with transactions and ledger
    • Document storage and sharing
    • Notifications system
    • Communication channels (board room etc.)
    • Top notch security
  • If you dont have any ideas, ask us. We have plenty of ideas from our users.
  • We can connect you with tech people if you do not have any!

Apps being built by devhouses right now

  • Board meeting app
  • App Maker Concierge

Ever wondered why your social life is on social media but there is no business media platform?

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