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Elena on keeping us all in-line!

Elena Cherkashina has one of the most important functions in BizBot. She makes sure that that the operation runs smoothly. If a user reports a problem, she prioritizes the tasks for the tech-team and solves whats necessary to keep the user happy.

But let’s roll back and get to know Elena. She was educated at Stavropol State Agrarian University as land engineer and at the same time she got a bachelor degree of Jurisprudence at People’s Friendship University of Russian Federation, Moscow.

After university she got a job of cadastral engineer and next 4 years combined it with remote work of curator and team-lead in the biggest Russian online healthy-lifestyle project. Here Elena developed most of her soft skills, learnt how to work with a team, user’s feedback, expectations from the product etc.

But the time came to move on and she became interested in IT and project managing. She was then invited to QA department of Devhouse and soon became a part of the Bizbot team.

How would you describe your job at BizBot?

– Understanding and refining business logic, manual testing, managing tasks for developers, creating autotests, work with user’s feedback.

How do you test new features?

– I start from collecting all business-logic details: why and for what purposes are we implementing this feature.

– Next step is a talk with backend-developers and test endpoints to understand data flow. Then I move to frontend part and do manual testing where I check how it works for users, design usability etc. I report found bugs and missed logic to developers, retest after fixes. Then I create test cases and cover features by autotests.

What happens when a user reports a problem?

– First of all I try to understand what kind of problem it is: known bug or a new issue, frontend or backend. If it is unknown bug I do some research to discover the origin of the problem. Sometimes it can be fixed immediately, in other cases I report tasks to developers backlog. I always give feedback to marketing and users to make sure we are fixing or working on the problem.

What can be done better?

– Our team is not very big, and we are mostly concentrated on developing new features. So from my point of view it will be good to improve interaction between users and tech team to optimize time which tech team spends on it , and on the other hand – to reduce the waiting time of feedback for users.

What are you most proud of?

– The speed of development of our platform. This determines the speed of my development as a specialist and the whole team in general, and motivates me for the best realization of the Bizbot platform.