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Enter SLUSH!

The biggest get-together for startups and investors in Europe is SLUSH! In early December over 20.000 people decent on Helsinki in a big conference hall, with smoke and neo lights, the biggest tech companies running stands and great speakers from home and abroad. For new participants it can be overwhelming. Imagine a hardcore nightclub meets VR headsets meets a big food court, and your still not there.

To compensate for the unruly masses of hungry founders, you are well advised to book meetings beforehand. Most VC’s and angels investors have registered their interest in the matchmaking app. These meetings can occur in Founder Street or at a designated Meeting point.

Thats meetings, but do not forget all the side events. Helsinki is flush with organizations and interest groups that want to spin off SLUSH and arrange parties and presentations in the mornings and evenings.

My first thought entering the main event, was that we should have an stand. Build a great showcase and onboard clients, but realizing who had the money to pay for stands we have to do several funding rounds just to pay the fee. Say hello to Google, Salesforce, Asana, Slack, Siemens, etc. Maybe next year, maybe next year.