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Escalon Services inks deal with BizBot

We are happy to announce that BizBot has signed a re-seller agreement
with Escalon Services ( BizBot is also in close dialogue with several other accountant firms and potential re-sellers on similar deals. This announcement comes as a logical result of the BizBot platform having completed the initial beta-testing phase.
Our business model is both simple and financially attractive: There are two ways you can become a user on the BizBot platform:
  1. Register, subscribe and pay directly at
  2. Sign up with your accountant or other re-sellers who offer BizBot to their clients.
The current cost for each active user is 200 NOK/month (excl. VAT). For this monthly subscription fee, users will be able to:
  • Administer their company shares: keeping track of transactions and the continually updated captable
  • Communication with both the board and the investor community
  • Selling of unlisted shares
  • Change of board members
  • Sign documents digitally
  • BizBot will, for Norwegian companies, be able to file a complete “Aksjonærregister oppgave” on their behalf (expected by the end of the year).
All paying customers will also be able to buy premium products in the App Store. One example is the «Secondary Share Issue» module that helps
companies with the paperwork related to raising money. This module, and
similar premium products, will be priced on a per usage basis and represent a different revenue stream than monthly subscriptions.
BizBot has embarked on a new growth phase and if you want to be a part of this exciting journey – BizBot will be positive to inviting a limited number of new investors in. If you are interested in this investment opportunity, please see the latest pitch deck attached here – and then apply for a share offer from BizBot.