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Give your customers a digital business platform

We are making a digital business platform to simplify business administration!

By building with us you make sure your customers are using the right tool within business administration. Now you can focus on the important tasks that gives them value!

Our goal is to simplify business administration by making all companies 100% digital. Then you can administrate your company from anywhere.   By connecting all the apps and data we can reach our vision:

Create a digital co-founder, BizBot, that helps you setup and run your company anywhere in the world!

BDO is a global accounting, auditing and law firm. They are located 150 countries and only in Norway they have more than 40.000 customers.  They have invested in BizBot through Evolver. Read more about it here

BDO is now a distribution partner and together our goal is that all BDO customers will be on BizBot platform. Here is why:

  • BizBot offers a new way to communicate with your customers
  • Your customers will get the the most efficient and digital tool on the market
  • As a partner you get volume discounts = revenues
  • As a partner you are part of our community with developers that can make custom tools on the platform tailored for your customers

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