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Earlier this week the BizBot tech-team assembled in Istanbul for a 7 day hackathon before Investor Kick-Off the 17 januar in Oslo. This is the third hackathon in BizBots history, and proves that meeting, greeting and working together builds company culture and an awesome product.

Leader of the tech team in BizBot, Rashid Lepshokov, has arranged for a villa outside Istanbul with officefloor, living room and bedrooms for the whole team.

“This is his take on the Hackathon and it’s objective.”

Why are hackathons good for start-ups?

– The overall productivity for non-trivial tasks is at least 10 times better on a hackathon. Because people are focused only on work, everyone is at one place and long working days help. Best thoughts come at the night when its been 12 hours since you’ve started working.

– On regular hackathons teams manage to build a demo of entire product. It is similar on internal hackathons where startups can build entire modules, sub projects and new features in days rather than weeks.

What do you aim to achieve on this particular hackathon?

– Move our entire codebase on new app based platform and connect to blockchain

What is your assessment of the BizBot platform so far?

– It has been totally new progress and process after we made a decision on going into platform architecture rather than a product . Now we can release new modules quickly, and the most important fact for me as a leader of tech team, developers are so happy now, less bugs, less dependacies between code and people and more productivity