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Igor C explains whats next on BizBot!

Igor Cheremushkin started programming when he was about 14 years old by advice and mentoring from his elder  brother. The older Cheremushkin used “Basic” programming language on a “Spectrum” computer attached to a TV. Igor started with “Turbo Pascal” language on IBM PC with Windows 95, and now he has been responsible for BizBot’s transaction module. What a journey!

What is your speciality? What do like best to do?

– My professional title is “Software engineering for computers and automated systems”, in short just exactly “software engineering”.

– I like best to discuss with colleagues to find the best ways to solve complex problems and continuous learning. That gives me the most job satisfaction. 

What is Secondary Market / Transactions module?

– Its purpose is to simplify the process of selling existing shares. We will make it easier, more clear, useful, faster and safe to both seller and buyer.

– All steps needed to finalize a transaction are described at . When the share transfer flow is finished, the shares are automatically registered on the new owner and the company captable.

What was the most difficult task on this long sprint?

– Probably the feature to sign “share transfer agreement” document by both seller and buyer since some aspects:

1) is started by seller;

2) buyer should receive notifications and access to share transfer when seller finished signing;

3) signing by buyer is optional depending on whether seller request it or not;

4) transaction module (TM) stores data about started signing operation itself. Full and actual signing session data is stored and updated in signing module. Signing module uses 3rd party signing platforms. There are redirects between them that potentially could fail. So, while signing operation is not yet marked as finished in transaction module the module should recheck actual status in signing module since it already could be updated here but not updated in transaction module. And recheck it for both seller and buyer when they open share transfer page.

What will you work on next?

– Next major module is “Issue new shares”. The main purpose of this module is to simplify the process of issuing new shares for a company. There also a lot of legal aspects, required steps with required actions from different persons in a company to do it correctly. In the end it will allow founders to raise new funds without spending huge amounts on accountants and lawyers.

How did you become so knowledgeable as a programmer?

– School and work experience. Here is my resume from the last 12 years.

  • Computer science subject in technical-oriented liceum (last 2 school years here instead of a general school).
  • 2005-2010 Southern Federal University, Taganrog, Russia (previously named Taganrog State University for Radioengineering). Specialty: Software engineering (programming). Degree: bachelor diploma (cum laude), engineer diploma (cum laude). Wrote a hundred of computer programs for a dozen of different subjects while studying.
  • Working from 2010 as software developer in several software companies on different long-term projects for different countries. Business areas of the projects were different: a GIS platform; city administration sites; a platform for municipal social organizations; dashboard for a medical research company; aggregator platform for movies and cinema; etc.
  • Also visiting conferences for developers and readings books, articles and manuals.
  • And now I am working at developing BizBot platform.