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I’m personally first in line to start using BizBot

Rashit Lepshokov is the lead tech developer for BizBot. He’s from a small Russian town near Sochi, but attended school in Halden, and been living in Norway since then. As a full stack programmer, he has a big portfolio and launched several successful products in the Norwegian market, among them Filmgrail, Bubbly and CakeItEasy. Now he is going to deliver phase 1 for BizBot in January.

What attracted you to this platform?

– I’m an entrepreneur myself, as I have been involved in more than 15 startups on different roles as well as shareholder and investor. When Didrik presented bizbot to me I instantly replied: “This is exactly what I was missing, there is nothing in the market solving this, while there is a huge demand and I’m personally first in line to start using Bizbot”

What is the main challenge in delevoping this platform?

– Integration with government services and connecting fragmented data about companies, shares, people. We are now mapping all companies and peoples relationship with them from scratch.

How does this compare to your previous and current work? 

– In bolink we have done a lot of similar work regarding using different government services. In Filmgrail I’ve built perhaps the most advanced content scraping system in the market.

How can BizBot utilize blockchain and AI technologies going forward?

– This is probably one the main reason I fell for the project. I think implementing block-chain and smart-contracts could revolutionize private companies in a way that it will make it easy to get funding as well as increase liquidity for the shares. The future is all about tokenized equity!
AI will be used to automate a lot of the routine for companies by creating virtual business assistant BizBot.