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Investing in BizBot AS

BizBot is raising funds in order to further develop the platform, and support and facilitate the user growth.

During the beta period, we have onboarded 350 real users in addition to our friends and family. This has given us valuable insight into various sales channels, but also feedback on the product that has resulted in improvements.

Towards summer, we will launch several features that will make it easier for companies to carry out share issues, purchase and sale of shares between shareholders and other reporting to government entitites. BizBot will also make it easier for the company management to communicate and share information and documents with the board and shareholders.

Now you can invest in BizBot’s growth by providing convertible loans at a discount. These loans are converted into shares at the next share issue, but with a discounted price because you provide capital today.

Our funding plan for the next two upcoming years:

Q1 2019 – NOK 4 million in convertible loans with discount
Q2 2019 – NOK 1 million from Skattefunn (already approved).
Q4 2019 – NOK 3-5 million in a crowdfunding campaign
Q2 2020 – VC financing to scale in international markets

If you want to invest through the convertible loan at a discount, you can contact