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New look, new functionality!

During a beta test period BizBot received a lot of constructive feedback on functionality, integrations and user experience. That has resulted in  the biggest  overhaul of the platform to date. Here is some insight on the new release, and what benefit this will bring to the users.


The main dashboard is now moved to the left side, to make more space and clean up the user experience. Now it’s easy to see if you are representing yourself, or a company that you own when initiating different processes. The simple design will also help people that use the platform for the first time.

User experience

The first thing you will see on the dashboard is inbox. Here you will find call to actions like verify a role or ownership of shares. It could be documents you need to sign or maybe a reminder on important dates and events for your company. The inbox is the life and blood of the platform, where you also communicate with board and investors. Further down you will find you holdings and roles, easy to access if you want to do administrative work.

Adding new companies, or share positions, roles etc. is under the same button as earlier releases; Quick Actions. This is meant to be a place to initiate new workflows and build your portfolio.

The biggest change during this upgrade is the documents section. Here you can start new signing session, find an overview over documents that needs your signature and administer your files in an logic structure. Documents and signing is a key ingredient in almost every workflow on the BizBot platform!

Module based

What is the purpose of this upgrade, except better design and UX? The platform is now fully module based. That means that it will be easier to build features and applications, using modules like signing, documents, captable, contacts, identification, e-mail and design elements. Now companies can build their own apps and work flows to suit their needs, or offer this as a service on the BizBot marketplace.