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Our History!

The idea for BizBot came after years of experience with different start-ups. The constant struggle to meet reporting and filing demands, crushing deadlines, code of law not updated to the present digital era and sub-optimal routines, makes running a business quite the challenge.

BizBot is to be a platform that helps entrepreneurs with mundane and time-consuming tasks by using technology, analytics, and automatization.

During the spring of 2017, Didrik Martens applied to The Factory Accelerator. This program helps entrepreneurs with money, mentors and business contacts. During their  3 month program, all the companies selected usually shows great progress. Didrik only had 4 slides when he entered the program, but took advantage of all the opportunities presented to him and won the 2017 Accelerator award. BizBot was to become reality.

During the summer of 2017, the team grew with marketing specialist Richard Paulsen. His previous experience is the financial industry and real estate, both in corporate sales and marketing. Together they raised 1 million NOK in initial capital to start developing BizBot with a tech team based in Poland and Russia.

As all start-ups know, the way from a pitch deck to a fully functional MVP is long, hard and full of distress. BizBot had an MVP New Years Eve 2018 but launched a new financing round before product release. They now counted 3 people in management and 5 programmers in the tech-team. Øvind Pedersen, who had just left Telenor, came onboard during Q1 and brings with him several years of negotiating big international deals.

In June the Oslo office hired a full stack developer named Naveen Reddy, which previously has worked with a group of big online business publications!

The first product, which is a captable, started out as a simple idea but turned out to be an advanced database with a lot of functionality. By law, each stock certificate needs to have a unique ID, the ledger needs to be dated properly, and if historic transactions are introduced why not have a fully working transaction module.

These products are all part of a whole. BizBot will be a one-stop shop for managing your investments and companies.