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Want to work at BizBot?

We are building a platform to help entrepreneurs save time and money. Our product range consist of a captable solution, transactions module, document handling, signing, ID verification and a communication tool. BizBot has close to 25 shareholders that have injected approximately 900.000 EUR into the company.

Read more on the blogpost – A global platform for ownership!

As we are moving closer to a full launch, the ship needs more hands. Previous work experience is nice to have, a higher education is not a must. What we deem important is flexibility and an ability learn new things. We use 10 different programs, and adding new (and throwing away old) every other month. Can you become a superuser within a couple of days? Tell us your experience with new technology and software.

We are looking for:

  • Interns
  • Sales & Support
  • Tech developers

Sounds interesting?

Please send us and email at or contact one of our employees for a chat!

Quotes from our investors:

“I support initiatives that helps entrepreneurs save money and time. BizBot has a good plan on how to achieve those goals, and I therefore supported BizBot in the first two investmentsrounds” – Petter Winther Borg