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Why launch a signing module?

The signing module is a new feature from BizBot, that let users create or upload and sign any document for free. Initially the module was made for back end use on BizBot’s different legal work flows as secondary trading, rights issues and shareholding agreements, but the team discovered early that signing of all kinds was in high demand. We then decided to launch it as a separate product.

How does it work? 

The interface is simple; Start a new signing session or look at previous sessions. By starting a signing session you will be asked to upload any PDF file, or create one in our PDF module. If you choose to upload, the next step is to designate who’s going to sign the document. By pressing sign, the session starts and it ends when everybody has gone through their BankID confirmation.

If you choose to create a PDF, you will be sent to BizBot’s PDF generator. Here you can write and edit a document, make templates for later use and generate a PDF for signing.

What is BankID?

Because of secure authentication banks, financial institutions and companies like BizBot can offer legally binding transactions on digital platforms. Put in another way. BankID is your digital identification that let’s you buy stuff on the internet. BizBot will offer other alternatives in countries where BankID is not offered.

Is it legally binding?

Yes. A digital signature is as legally binding as your handwriting. The documents will also be tagged with a dashcode and a timestamp. They can not be manipulated, and therefor provides secure and enforceable  signatures.

Is it free?

BizBot is working on a pricing structure where most of the premium features will fall under a small monthly subscription. Until then we have decided that signing documents on our signing module is free of charge. You’re welcome!