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Want to help us make business more equal?

BizBot was started because I realized that starting and running a company is hard. Too much paperwork and administration. At the same time, I also realised how hard it is to invest in startups as there is a lack of trust and also knowledge. Our mission is to make it easier. Let’s make everyone investors!

BizBot wants equality so that every one can be a founder and everyone can invest

We are developing av platform to know your companies as well as Facebook knows you as a person. This way we can become your digital co-founder, or your very own BizBot. Let us give you the best services and products that you need, and guide on your Business journey



Helping business owners like this will reduce the risk for investors. and at the same time we make it easier for investors to invest. You can manage your portfolio on BizBot and follow the companies you love.

The platform

The platform connects personal profiles with business profiles. Even if BizBot is a B2B platform, you always have your private profile for free!

Here you can keep an overview over all the companies you have access to, and for each company you manage we connect you with as many tools and services we can to help your business life rund smoothly.

BizBot will be a horizontal plattform with vertical local apps on top that

The Market

We believe that the way to success is to connect rather then compete. BizBot will be providing some “water and bread” features. But we will also do our best to connect to any tool that has a more specific focus and will solve you task better. That way, you can still keep all you data on BizBot.

Read more about what Bessemer Venture Partners think about how the private equity markets are opening up.

With BizBot and the raise of crowdfunding everyone can become an investor, not only men in pinstriped dresses

We combine Marketplace, with tools and network features to reach our goal as your business operating software and your very own digital co-founder.  Read more about Market networks from NFX here.


We need you

We are looking for new talent to help us build BizBot. Can you help us grow or help us build the platform? Please contact me!

So, how about making everyone investors?

Join our team of investors, and contribute in making business administration easier. Please contact me, or sign up for our investor updates here:

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