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Investor information

What is BizBot and why invest?

Take a look at the video below and test it yourself here


BizBot makes business administration easier, by developing Carta as a platform and marketplace in the EU. The same way social media knows you, BizBot wants to know your company and give you the best tools and services. Any 3rd party company can connect to our platform. We connect all stakeholders in the company, so they can save time on paperwork and administration. BizBot’s goal is to be your digital co-founder on your own operating system for your company. We are looking for investors who like our vision and who want to help us grow.

Our platform is ready for the Norwegian market now, but prepared for the global market. 


  1. About 1500 users and 400 companies registered on the platform.
  2. Experienced team and shareholders
  3. Partner with BDO and 24sevenoffice
  4. Expected revenues in 2023
  5. Part of The Factory accelerator, DNB NXT og StartupLab and Copenhagen Fintech Lab


Upcoming round (Q1 2023)

We are looking for investors that can help us grow and expand our network

  • 3 MNOK committed from existing and new investors.
  • Seeking 6-10 MNOK in a seed round.
  • Capital will be spent on increasing sales and marketing activities, product development and proof of concept in Sweden.


Please reach out to Didrik or get updates from our investor newsletter below:

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